Sr. No. Name of the Equipment Purpose
1 LC-MS (Shimadzu) Identification of compunds
2 Rotavapour assembly (Buechi & Heidolph) with -20 degree C chillers Purification of compunds
3 UV-Visible Spectrometer (Jasco) Steady-state Absorption spectra measurements
4 Spectrofluorimeter (Agilent) Steady-state Fluorescence Spectra measurements
5 Melting point apparaturs Measurement of melting point of compounds
6 Chemical Fumehood Carrying out reactions
7 Hot-air oven Glassware drying
8 Polarimeters Measuring optical rotation
9 Colorimeter Measuring color intesity
10 Conductometer Measure conductance of aquance solutions
11 Potentiometer Measure EMF
12 Magnetic stirrer Mixing reaction mixture
13 Schlenk line Air sensitive reactions
14 Vacuum pump (1 microBar) Low pressure reactions