Academic Curriculum

The Institute offers four undergraduate (B. Tech.) programs in engineering. IIT Goa follows a semester system. An academic year (July-April) consists of two semesters, each of approximately 16 weeks duration. The first semester begins in the last week of July and ends by the last week of November. The second semester starts in the first week of January and ends by the last week of April. In each of the two semesters of the first year, a student is required to register for the relevant courses listed in the curriculum for that semester.

The Institute follows a credit system. Credits are allotted to various courses depending upon the number of lectures, tutorials and laboratory hours per week. The student’s performance in a course is continuously evaluated throughout the semester and culminates in the award of a Grade on a 10- point scale. Performance in a semester is evaluated in terms of the weighted average of grade points secured in all the courses registered in that semester, which is known as Semester Performance Index (SPI). A Cumulative Performance Index (CPI) is the weighted average of the grade points obtained in all the courses registered by the student since the time of joining the Institute.

To students admitted through JEE (Advanced) 2016, IIT Goa offers the B.Tech. undergraduate program. The B.Tech. programs consist of eight semesters spread over four years. During the first semester all branches will have a common curriculum.

Postgraduate Course Curriculum

M.Tech Curriculum
School of Mathematics and Computer Science
School of Mechanical Sciences
School of Electrical Sciences

Undergraduate Course Curriculum

1 COMPUTER SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING CSE-2023 CSE-2022 CSE-2021 CSE-2020 CSE-2019 CSE-2018 CSE-2017 CSE-2016
2 ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING EE-2023 EE-2022 EE-2021 EE-2020 EE-2019 EE-2018 EE-2017 EE-2016
3 MECHANICAL ENGINEERING ME-2023 ME-2022 ME-2021 ME-2020 ME-2019 ME-2018 ME-2017 ME-2016
4 MATHEMATIC AND COMPUTING MnC-2023 MnC-2022 MnC-2021 MnC-2020 MnC-2019