Medical Unit


IIT Goa keeps the health & wellness need of the campus community as its top priority, and constantly strives to improve and upgrade the existing facilities and the services. Extra Academic Activity is an important component of UG curriculum at IIT Goa.

We are committed to provide quality healthcare services to its faculty, employees, and students using modern and cost effective techniques and technologies, and through a dedicated and humane approach.

The holistic well being of our student community, encompassing both physical and mental health, is of the highest priority to the Institute. In pursuance of our commitment towards ensuring that, we have set up the Students' Counselling Centre, to provide any required assistance to students who may be experiencing emotional or psychological conditions that pose a hindrance to their regular activities on campus. The Counselling Centre offers a broad range of services including psychological assessment, individual therapy, group therapy, and medication and management to promote mental health, life skills, emotional resilience and overall well being of the student community.

The multifarious medical needs of the Campus population consisting of Students, faculty and Staff members and their families are met by the Institute dispensary. The Hospital team consists of One Medical Officer, consultant Physician and two staff Nurses. The institute also has a Medical management Committee with a Chairman and members drawn from medical unit and other recognized bodies of the Institute. This Committee formulates various policies for providing medical facilities to the Campus population.

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