Sr. No. Name of the Equipment Purpose
1 3-D printers 3d printing of various parts
2 CNC Milling Centre Sophisticated material removing process
3 CNC Turn Centre Sophisticated material removing process
4 CNC Electric Spark Discharge Machine CNC 430 Sophisticated material removing process
5 Vertical Milling Machine Material removing process
6 All geared Lathe Machine Material removing process
7 Proxxon Lathe Machine Material removing process
8 Proxxon Milling Machine Material removing process
9 Proxxon Drilling Machine Material removing process
10 Proxxon Grinding Machine Material removing process
11 Profile Projector (Mitutoyo) Optical inspection of various parts
12 MTS Exceed E45 100KN UTM Machine Compression and Tensile test on materials
13 Cam Analysis Apparatus For UG lab: Studying the working of Cam follower mechanism
14 Motorized Gyroscope Apparatus For UG lab: Understanding the working of gyroscopic motion
15 Static and Dynamic Balancing Apparatus For UG lab: Studying static and dynamic balancing of rotating masses
16 Upright Metallurgical Microscope (Olympus) Microscope for material science applications
17 Stereo Zoom Microscope (Olympus) Stereoscopic views
18 Toolmakers Microscope (Mitutoyo) Measurement of lengths, angles and diameter of various specimen
19 Analytical Weighing Balance (Shimadzu) Electronic weighing balance
20 Autocollimator (Prism India Ltd.) Measurement of surface flatness
21 Various Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer equipment For undergraduate labs
22 Data Acquisition System Obtaining sensor data from thermocouple, pressure sensors, flow meters etc
23 Dead Weight Tester Yantrika Calibration of Pressure gauges
24 Ice Flakes Machine Brema Creating ice flakes for various experiments
25 Electromagnetic Flowmeter Manas Measurement of fluid flow
26 Dry Block Calibarator Tempsens CLSY 1200 Static and dynamic calibration of thermocouples
27 Nikon D5600 Camera Videography experiments
28 Pressure Flow Calibarator Furnace Control ltd. Calibration of flow meters and pressure sensors
29 High Speed Camera Phantom Videography of high-speed phenomena
30 ANSYS software Numerical simulation of problems in structure, fluid dynamics etc
31 HP DL380 Server Research
32 Charpy Impact tester This equipment is for the UG Lab courses