The Interdisciplinary program on Chemical and Materials Engineering has been incorporated into the School of Chemical and Materials Science in 2019 with a clear objective of encouraging interdisciplinary research and excellence in teaching. As of now, we envisage a post graduate program. The program will also embrace the already established centre of excellence on “Particles, colloids and interfaces” in an organic manner. We believe this program will catalyze inter- and intra- institutional collaborations within India and abroad with a strong focus on industrial collaborations and product development.

Materials Engineering

  1. Functionalized Nanostructured Materials (Synthesis, Characterization and Applications)
  2. Graphene derivatives, Graphene Quantum Dot derivatives
  3. Cancer Therapy: Photodynamic Therapy and Targeted Therapy

Chemical Engineering

  1. Soft Matter: Gels, Polymers, Surfactants
  2. Active Matter/ Active Colloids: Electric / Magnetic Field driven Colloids
  3. Colloidal Assembly Techniques: Dip Coating, Convective Evaporation, Spin Coating
  4. Micro Robotics of Active Structures: Colloidal Chains
  5. Electrocatalysts for water electrolysis to produce green hydrogen
  6. Investigation of redox mediators to decouple water electrolysis
  7. Electrolytes for redox flow battery (RFB)
  8. Electrochemical nitrogen reduction reaction for green ammonia synthesis
  9. Synthesis and characterization of various nanomaterials for electrochemical processes