The Interdisciplinary program on Chemical and Materials Engineering has been incorporated into the School of Chemical and Materials Science in 2019 with a clear objective of encouraging interdisciplinary research and excellence in teaching. As of now, we envisage a post graduate program. The program will also embrace the already established centre of excellence on “Particles, colloids and interfaces” in an organic manner. We believe this program will catalyze inter- and intra- institutional collaborations within India and abroad with a strong focus on industrial collaborations and product development.

Materials Engineering

  1. Functionalized Nanostructured Materials (Synthesis, Characterization and Applications)
  2. Graphene derivatives, Graphene Quantum Dot derivatives
  3. Cancer Therapy: Photodynamic Therapy and Targeted Therapy

Chemical Engineering

  1. Soft Matter: Gels, Polymers, Surfactants
  2. Active Matter/ Active Colloids: Electric / Magnetic Field driven Colloids
  3. Colloidal Assembly Techniques: Dip Coating, Convective Evaporation, Spin Coating
  4. Micro Robotics of Active Structures: Colloidal Chains