Faculty Profile

  • Prof. B. K.  Mishra

    Prof. B. K. Mishra

    Materials Engineering

    Research Interests

    Extractive Metallurgy, Thermal Plasma, Particulate Materials, Discrete element methods (DEM), Appropriate Technology


    Admin Block, Faculty cabin 1, Main Building

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  • Dr. Satyaprakash   Ahirwar

    Dr. Satyaprakash Ahirwar

    Assistant Professor
    Materials Engineering

    Research Interests

    Functionalized Nanostructured Materials: Synthesis, Characterization and Applications


    • Nanomaterials: Graphene Quantum Dot derivatives (GQDs and GOQDs), Graphene derivatives, Gold, Silver Nanoparticles.


    • NanoBio, Cancer Therapy (Photodynamic Therapy and Targeted Therapy) and Antibacterial Activity.

    PG Block, IIT Goa

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  • Dr. Kedar   Joshi

    Dr. Kedar Joshi

    Assistant Professor (Program Chair)
    Chemical Engineering

    Research Interests

    Soft matter
    Directed and self-assembly of colloids.
    Understanding bulk behaviour of Active and passive colloidal system.
    Semiflexible nanomaterials and Microrobotics

    PG block, IIT GOA, Ponda

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  • Dr. Ashok  Kumar  Ummireddi

    Dr. Ashok Kumar Ummireddi

    Assistant Professor
    Chemical Engineering

    Research Interests

    Electrocatalysis and Energy storage, Electrochemical CO2 conversion, Photo-electrochemical water splitting, and Hydrogen and oxygen evolution

    PG Block, Dept. of Chemical and Materials Engineering, IIT Goa, Farmagudi-403401, Goa

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  • Dr. Ravi    Sankannavar

    Dr. Ravi Sankannavar

    Assistant Professor
    Chemical Engineering

    Research Interests

    Electrochemical Energy Conversion and Storage Processes:

    • Development of new electrocatalyst materials for water electrolysis to produce green hydrogen
    • Investigation of redox mediators for decoupled water electrolysis
    • Investigation of various electrolytes for redox flow batteries
    • Development of a prototype device for the electrochemical synthesis of ammonia

    PG Block, Chemical and Materials Engineering, SCMS, IIT Goa, Farmagudi, Ponda - 403 401, Goa

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Visiting Faculty:

  • Prof. Sharad    Bhartiya

    Prof. Sharad Bhartiya

    Visiting Professor
    Chemical Engineering

    Research Interests

    optimization and control theory and their applications to processes of industrial relevance and systems biology.


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