School of Mechanical Sciences is one of the seven schools set up at IIT Goa. The various programs proposed under the framework of the School of Mechanical Sciences are Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Civil Engineering, Marine and Naval Architecture, and Metallurgical Engineering of which we are currently offering degrees in Mechanical engineering only. The School aims to provide education and training to students, through rigorous coursework complemented with relevant hands-on learning, enabling them to effectively contribute to the sustainable and comprehensive development of our nation. Currently, the School offers undergraduate program, postgraduate program (M Tech in mechanical engineering) and doctoral program in the discipline of Mechanical Engineering.

The School presently comprises two Professors, and ten Assistant Professors. We intend to create a research culture in our School that balances fundamental as well as applied research. To this end, we welcome collaborations with industries and national labs to jointly work on problems addressing the needs and requirements of our nation through academic framework and expertise. The School also plans to engage in identifying and addressing technologically-relevant problems in and around Goa.

\nContemporary Mechanical engineering is one of the most diverse and versatile engineering disciplines. The core competencies gained through the study of mechanical engineering are tackling the problems of our society through technological innovations. Our vision is to establish a globally renowned program in research and teaching.The program aims to train students through rigorous coursework complemented with relevant hands-on learning. We aim to foster a research environment with a strong emphasis on fundamental, applied, and interdisciplinary research which will also be conducive to effective collaborations. We will strive to inculcate the ability of critical thinking, open-mindedness, and scientific temperament in our students enabling them to effectively contribute to the sustainable and self-reliant development of our nation.