The Office of International Relations (OIR) is responsible for all international activities of IIT Goa. We work with academic, corporate and other institutions in other countries to initiate, build and expand collaborative activities in student and faculty exchange, dual degree program, joint research and development, joint seminars and workshops etc.

We are always happy to hear from potential international students, faculty members and institutions about their interest in IIT Goa.

IIT Goa is actively engaged in partnerships with renowned research labs, universities and companies. The following goals are set for mutual benefit while signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with these partners:

1. Faculty, student and staff exchange programs
2. Collaborative research and development
3. Intellectual property development
4. Sharing of research facilities
5. Conduct of training programs and short-term courses

The Office of International Relations (OIR), individual schools and faculty members initiate these collaborative activities.