Interfaces between adjacent physical objects consist of very small or thin structures with linear dimensions in the range of micrometers to nanometers. At these small length scales, various types of intermolecular forces have very strong influence on material properties to be unique which differs from bulk material. Interfacial science studies these different unique phenomena emerging from the small region at interfaces and covers a wide range of interdisciplinary research fields. Science of colloids, particulates and wettability are few examples of vast sub domains that falls under interfacial science. The area of Particles, Colloids and Interfacial Science due to it’s wide range of practical relevance, is attracting large number researchers across the globe to pursue inter disciplinary research and collaborations. Hence, here at IIT Goa we established a center of excellence to carry out multidisciplinary research in this area with primary goal to develop cutting edge technical solution for challenging industrial problems. The center focuses primarily on three main domains, namely Particulates, Colloids, and Interfaces. Our present faculties involved with the center have significant expertise in these domains. We envisioned to develop this center as a platform for strong academic and industrial research collaboration. Industrial consultancy, advanced instrumentation development, short term course development for industry are some of the center’s key activities along with academic research.

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