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IIT Goa joins ARM University Program

The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Goa has joined the Arm India University Program run by Arm (https://www.arm.com/), the global leader in mobi...Read more..

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57th Goa Liberation Day

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Orientation Day

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IIT Goa celebrated its 3rd Foundation D...

    Latest Research Publications

Prof. B K Mishra, School of Mechanical Sciences : Optical Emission Spectroscopy Study of Ar-H? Plasma at Atmospheric Pressure

IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science, PP(99):1-7 , 2018,

Prof. B K Mishra, School of Mechanical Sciences : Formation of Copper-Nickel Alloy from Their Oxide Mixtures Through Reduction by Low-Temperature Hydrogen Plasma

Plasma Chemistry and Plasma Processing, Volume 38, Issue 3, pp 621-635 , 2018,

Dr. Rishikesh Narayan, School of Chemical & Biological Sciences : The Psuedo Natural Product Myokinasib is a Myosin Light Chain Kinase 1 Inhibitor with Unprecedented Chemotype

Cell Chemical Biology, 1-12 , 2019, US

Dr. Santosh Kumar, School of Physical Sciences : Coulomb blockade in an atomically thin quantum dot coupled to a tunable Fermi reservoir

Nature Nanotechnology, , 2019, Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Dr. Dhanya Rajendran, School of Mathematics & Computer Science : On positive solution curves of an infinite semipositone problem. Electron. J. Differential Equations, Vol. 2018(2018), No. 178, pp. 1-14.

Electronic Journal of Differential Equations, 1-14 , 2018, USA

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