“Vidya Vinayena Deepyate”

It has been an established tradition amongst educational institutions, in India and abroad, to have a motto that illustrates the belief of the institution. In India mostly, the motto is taken from Sanskrit, as it is the repository of ancient wisdom and knowledge. Following the same illustrious tradition IIT Goa has chosen ‘Vidya Vinayena Deepyate’ ‘Knowledge shines with humility’ to be the motto of the institute. It was very graciously suggested by Prof. Ramasubramaniam. The motto truly represents our commitment towards inculcating holistic education and human values in our students.

Since time immemorial India has been a knowledge civilization. The quest for knowledge has been one of the basic characteristics of the Indian ethos. Indians in ancient times undertook in-depth studies in areas of Metaphysics, Philosophy, Logic, Linguistics, Astronomy, Mathematics, Medicine and others. The history of our intellectual traditions is presented in our rich literature starting from the Rig Veda.

India has always had a very diverse and open intellectual culture from ‘Samkhya’ to ‘Nyaya’, from ‘Mimamsa’ to ‘Carvaka/Lokayata’. One thing that is remarkable about Indian knowledge tradition is not just ‘tolerance’ but ‘acceptance’ of diversity in thoughts, deeds and life style with humility. The civilizational values of inclusion, goodwill and humility were equally emphasised on.

“Namanti phalino vriksha, Namanti gunino jana:”
“Shushka vriksha ca: murkhash:ca:, na namanti kadachana”

“Good (wise) people bow down (have humility), just like a tree laden with fruits bows, Unwise people never bow (have no humility), just like a dead dry tree”

Our motto is inspired by the same Indian knowledge tradition of hard work, sincerity, openness of ideas, intellectual rigour and, at the same time, our pride in its diversity, civility and humility. Rather than blindly following the plethora of influences from anywhere our students will be critical, they will discover their inner strength by inculcating the same principles of knowledge imparted by our ancestors and follow their footsteps in humility towards greater heights –

“May the light within you illuminate all”