MeFy Care Private Limited, in collaboration with IIT GOA, has designed and developed a fully automated 10L Oxygen Concentrator that provides supplemental oxygen based on SpO2 levels and saves the individual from succumbing to Hypoxia, which is usually fatal. It’s a medical-grade oxygen concentrator with built-in pulse oximetry, which eliminates the need for medical professionals to regularly evaluate SpO2 and regulate O2 flow. With an oxygen purity of 93±4% at a pressure of 56-70 kpa, the oxygen concentrator uses PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) technology.

Dr. Bidhan Pramanick, Assistant Professor, School of Electrical Sciences lead the IIT Goa team to develop the Oxygen Concentrator. River Engineering Pvt Ltd (REPL), a pioneering organization in the technical arena of electrical, magnetic, and electro-mechanical, has received the technology from Pune-based medtech startup MeFy Care to manufacture portable medical oxygen concentrators.