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(1) Project Investigator(s) / Co-PI(s): Dr. Santosh Kumar Das , Dr. Prabhakar Palni , Goa University  
Hot QCD Matter (Funded by )
year and project duration : 2022 / 3 days
School : School of Physical Sciences

(2) Project Investigator(s) / Co-PI(s): Prof. Sachin D Kore
Seminar on Goa Atlantic Cooperation project on Marin Science and Technology (GoAT) at France. (Funded by CEFIPRA)
year and project duration : 2020 / 5 days
School : School of Mechanical Sciences

(3) Project Investigator(s) / Co-PI(s): Dr. Sharad Sinha
Nodal HPC Center at IIT GOA under NSM (Funded by NSM)
year and project duration : 2020 / 2 years
School : School of Mathematics and Computer Sciences