MoU between Indian Institute of Technology Goa and Sciverse Solutions Pvt Ltd

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2022-12-19 | IIT Goa

IIT Goa Signs MoU with Sciverse Solutions Pvt. Ltd. to design and build Lab-on-a-Chip and IVD microfluidics platforms. Prof. B.K. Mishra handed over the signed MoU documents to Shri Rahul Singh, Founder & Director of Sciverse Solutions Private Limited. Prof. Bidhan Pramanick, Assistant Professor, School of Electrical Sciences, IIT Goa, is the Principal Investigator (Joint research programme under this MoU), will lead the collaboration from IIT Goa side. IIT Goa is working towards development of microfluidics based disease diagnostic platform since its initial days. A state-of-the-art fabrication facility for microfluidic devices has already been setup at IIT Goa and the development under this collaboration with Sciverse will take place in this facility.

Sciverse Solutions Pvt. Ltd., supported by Mylab Discovery Solutions, is working on the miniaturisation of critical invitro-diagnostic laboratory devices that can be used in a portable point-of-care format including low-volume sample analysis, high-throughput analysis, automation, and rapid analysis times, plus a small footprint, low cost, portability, and disposability.

IIT Goa will work with Sciverse on the low cost portable diagnostics platform based on microfluidics. The compact, next-generation platform will allow real-time diagnosis at the point-of-care providing lab results in minutes dramatically improving patient outcomes and reducing the time it takes to diagnose and treat patients.