IIT Goa Participates in SCI-FFI

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2021-03-18 | Panaji

IIT Goa enthusiastically participated in the Innovation Exhibition organized by Vidnyan Parishad, Goa, for school students of class 9th and 11th during March 16-18, 2021. This exhibition was a part of the Science Film Festival (SCI-FFI) that Vidnyan Parishad organizes annually for school students. The exhibition was inaugurated by Prof. B. K. Mishra on March 16. Our students and technical staff members showcased a variety of technologies/working prototypes developed in the Institute, such as working of a mechanical ventilator, low-cost continuous flow infuse/withdrawal syringe pump, 3D printed models of internal combustion engines, compliant mechanisms for mechanical manipulation of biological cells, home security system/ home entertainment system, face and eye Recognition System, and self cleaning coatings and masks with water drop repellency and energy efficient low drag boats based on super-hydrophobic coatings. Participation in this event was an excellent opportunity for our students to showcase their research/project works, helping them learn essential skills to convey science and innovation to non-experts. IIT Goa's participation was coordinated by Assistant Professors Dr. Ashish Bhateja and Dr. Raja Mitra.