Name of the Lab with Code: EE 311 – Power Electronics Lab

List of experiment

  1. Study of Boost Converter
  2. Study of Buck Converter
  3. Study of Buck Boost Converter
  4. Study of Forward Converter
  5. Study of Single-Phase Uncontrolled Rectifier
  6. Study of Single-Phase Controlled Rectifier
  7. Study of Single-Phase Inverter
  8. Study of Three Phase Three Level Inverter
Oscilloscope (R&S)
Current probe (R&S)
                       Dc Power Supply
LCR Meter
Buck Converter Trainer Kit           
Boost Converter Trainer Kit
Buck Boost Converter Trainer Kit
Forward Converter Trainer Kit
  Single Phase Inverter Trainer Kit      
Uncontrolled Rectifier Trainer Kit
Controlled Rectifier Trainer Kit                 
3 Phase Diode Rectifier + 3 Level Inverter
Reconfigurable Inverter