School of Electrical Sciences (SES) strives to impart quality education in wide areas of electrical engineering. The research and teaching areas include, Power, Power Electronics and Control, Communication and Signal Processing, and VLSI and Micro-engineering. Various laboratories have been set-up for the undergraduate and post-graduate programs, such as Electronic Devices and Circuits Lab, Analog Circuits Lab, Digital Systems Lab and Microprocessor Lab, Control System, Electrical Machines Lab and Communications Lab. The faculty members and Research Scholars of the School are active engaged in undertaking open-ended research problems in cutting edge research areas. Laboratories are equipped with advanced software and equipment facilities such as VLSI software tools, PCB prototyping machine, 3-D printer, regenerative dynamometer test-bench, etc. The School provides world-class training, including hands-on experience, to students in their areas of interest, suiting the industrial demands.