Power, Power Electronics and group in the School of Electrical Sciences, IIT Goa works broadly on the research areas comprising Control Systems, Power Electronics, Electric Machines and Drives, and High voltage Engineering.  The following faculty members are associated with the power group

1. Prof. Bidyadar Subudhi works on control system with following as thrust areas

  • System & Control Theory,
  • PV System and Micro Grid Control,
  • Formation Control of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles,
  • Wide Area Power Control

He is currently involved in the following research activities.

  1. A Smart Bidirectional Electric Vehicle Charging System Connected to PV Integrated Microgrid (sponsored project: DST-IMPRINT)
  2. Development of Control and Power Electronics Schemes for a Smart Micro Grid with high penetration of PV Generation and Electric Vehicles (sponsored Project: DST-UKIERI)
  3. Co-operative Control of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles

2.  Dr. Sashidhar Sampathirao works on the Electric Machines and Drives with major focus on

  • Design and finite-element modelling of electrical machines
  • Motors for renewable energy and electric vehicle applications
  • Permanent magnet motor drives
  • Motors for aircraft and marine applications

His current research activities focusing on a sponsored/consultancy research projects

  1.   Design and Development of a Direct-Drive PM Generator for Roof-Top Wind Turbine Applications
  2.   Solar-electric hybrid ferry boat

3.  Dr. Shakthi Prasad D. works on high voltage engineering with focus on

  • Insulation engineering
  • Image processing for electrical discharges
  • Plasma associated technologies
  • Electromagnetic transients in power systems

His current research activities focusing on sponsored Research Project ‘Bilge water oil Water Separation using Corona Discharge and Superoleophilic-Superhydrophobic Filters’

  1. (DISC I, Ministry of Defence)

4.  Dr. Sheron Figarado works mainly on Power Electronics with specialization in

  • Induction Motor drives and Multilevel Inverters
  • PWM Techniques for VSIs
  • Real-time Suspension Control for vehicles
  • Motor control for robotic and exoskeleton applications.