At the laboratory, researchers have access to high-quality equipment capable of providing high-voltage sources up to ± 20 kV DC and 50 kV AC (rms). The advanced equipment enables researchers to conduct in-depth studies and analysis of plasma and corona discharges. A comprehensive corona degradation testing of Insulating materials such as micro and nanocomposites is being conducted with the present facilities. It provides valuable insight into the durability, reliability, and overall performance of these materials, helping to optimize their use in a wide range of applications. In addition, there are specialized facilities for the fabrication and development of nanocomposites. The investigation of the surface charging behavior of insulating materials is being carried out with the assistance of the electrostatic voltmeter, which is a highly sensitive instrument capable of measuring the surface potential. Through this study, the aim is to gain a deeper understanding of the mechanisms responsible for the accumulation of charge on the surfaces of insulating materials and the factors that influence this phenomenon. These facilities are well-equipped and provide a safe and secure environment for conducting research activities.

The following are the important equipment available in the laboratory:

  1.   High Voltage Amplifier (Model 20/20C-HS)–  ±20 kV DC or Peak AC
  2.   High Voltage Transformer–  0–50 kV, 50 Hz
  3.   Tektronix (AFG 31000)– 1-channel, 25 MHz, 250 MS/s
  4.   Trek Electrostatic Voltmeter 341-B – ± 20 kV
  5.   Tektronix MSO54 – 4-channel, 1 GHz, 6.25 GS/s
  6.   YOKOGAWA DL 950 ScopeCorder – 2-channel, 40 MHz, 200 MS/s
  7.   Vacuum Chamber – can hold up to 4 µbar pressure.
  8.   Discharge Electrodes– multi-needle and single needle.
  9.   Vacuubrand 500 series Vacuum Pump– 7 mbar, 2 m3/h
  10.   X-Y Cross Table– computer-controlled, 170×170 mm, 0.01 mm accuracy