Lab name with code: EE301 Control System Lab

List of experiments

  1. Simulation of control systems using MATLAB/SIMULINK
    a). Step response of first order and second order systems and determination of time domain
    b). Frequency response (bode and Nyquist plots) of systems and determination of frequency
    domain parameters.
    c). State space analysis
    i. Numerical solution of state equation and plotting of state trajectory.
    ii. Conversion of state space mode to transfer function and vice versa.
    d). Stability analysis using root locus, bode and Nyquist plot.
  2. Quanser Servomotor Experiments
    a) Speed Measurement of a DC motor
    b) Stability Analysis of a DC Servo System.
    c) To obtain Steady State Gain and Time constant from the Step Response of DC Servo Motor
    d) Modelling and Validation of DC Motor Based Rotary Servo System
    e) To pursue time domain analysis of a second order system
    f) Design and analyse a PD compensator to control position and velocity of a DC servomotor
  3. Quanser Pendulum Experiments
    a) Identification of Parameters of a Pendulum
    b) Modelling of a Rotary Pendulum
    c) PD Control of a Rotary Pendulum
    d) State Space Modeling of a Rotatory Pendulum
  4. Study of different controllers for temperature control of an oven
    a) System identification of an Oven
    b) On-Off Controller
    c) Proportional controller
    d) Proportional Integral controller.
    e) Proportional Integral derivative controller.
  5. Study of Synchro Devices
    a) Characteristics of the transmitter.
    b) Torque synchro pair operation.
    c) Error detector operation.
    d) Demodulation of the error voltage.
  6. Study of first and second order linear systems
    a) Open loop response.
    b) Closed loop response – First order systems.
    c) Closed loop response – Second order systems
  7. Magnetic Levitation Experiment
    a) Coil Current Control
    b) Ball Position control

Servo Motor with Inertia Disc and Inverted Pendulum Model

Magnetic Levitation Setup

Linear System Simulator

Synchro Device

Temperature Control System   

Digital Control System

Quadruple Tank Control System Setup