Lab name with code: Embedded System Lab

Faculty Incharge: Dr. Sunil Dutt

List of experiment

  1. To Interface an ultrasonic sensor and a DC motor with Arduino uno. Measure the distance of an object in ‘cm’ using a US sensor and rotate the motor as shown in the table below (Image Attached) depending on the distance of an object.  
  1. To Write an Arduino program to display a hexa-decimal number with the help of four LEDs and a 4×4 keypad using Arduino Uno and turn ON and OFF the LED as the pattern given below (0-OFF, 1-ON).
  1. To make a simple bidirectional people counter using IR Sensors and Arduino Uno with following conditions
    • If there is a person inside the room a LED should glow and the number of people inside the room(Count ) should be displayed on the serial monitor. (The number of person entering in the room is nothing but object moving from left to right in front of sensors and number of person exiting is nothing but object moving from right to left )
    • If there is no person present in the room, the display should show that “No person
  2. To make a robot that can be controlled gesture of our hand
  • In this project we have made a car which can be controlled by the movement of hand (gesture) like we can change the direction as well as the speed of the car. As we see physically challenged people find it difficult to move around and to take their stuffs which are kept little far from them around there homes and other places. It motivated us to make something which can be follow the command given by gestures or voice, so that the life of those people can be easier.

Different Types of Arduino Board

Different Types of Sensor