Dr. Sheron Figarado

Designation : Assistant Professor

Broad Area of Expertise : Electrical Engineering

Email : sheron{at}iitgoa.ac.in

Contact Number : 0832-2490-111

Address : EE lab, IIT Goa

Personal Page

Educational Qualifications

  1. PhD: CEDT, IISc Bangalore (2009)
  2. B.Tech: Dept of Instrumentaion, CUSAT (2004)

Areas of Research

Induction Motor drives, Multilevel Inverters, PWM Techniques for VSIs, Real-time Suspension Control for vehicles, Motor control for robotic and exoskeleton applications. Inductive Power transfer

Courses Taught

EE 309 Microprocessors (Semester I,2018-19)
EE234 Electrical Machines Laboratory (Semester I,2018-19)
EE222 Electrical Machines and Power Electronics (Semester II,2018-19 )
EE302 Control Systems (Semester II,2018-19)
EE324 Control Systems Lab (Semester II,2018-19)

Professional Appointments

  1. Assistant Professor at BITS-Pilani K.K Birla Goa Campus (2009-2015).
  2. Assistant Professor at NIT Karnataka (2015-2018).

Recent Publications

  1. "Three-level inverter scheme with reduced power device count for an induction motor drive with common-mode voltage elimination", S. Figarado, T. Bhattacharya, G. Mondal and K. Gopakumar, IET Power Electron., 2008, Vol. 1, No. 1, pp. 84-92.
  2. "Five-level inverter scheme for an open-end winding induction machine with less number of switches", S. Figarado, K.Sivakumar,R.Ramchand, A.Das,C.Patel, K. Gopakumar, IET Power Electron., 2010,Vol.3,Iss.4,pp.637-647.
  3. "Eighteen-sided polygonal voltage space-vector-based PWM control for an induction motor drive", S. Lakshminarayanan, K. Gopakumar, G. Mondal, S. Figarado and N.S. Dinesh, IET Electr. Power Appl., 2008, 2, (1), pp. 56-63.
  4. "A DC-link Capacitor Voltage Balancing with CMV Elimination using only the Switching State Redundancies for a Reduced Switch Count Multi-Level Inverter fed IM Drive" Gopal Mondal, F. Sheron, Anandarup Das, K. Sivakumar and K. Gopakumar, European Power Electronics(EPE) journal,Vol.19, No.1,March 2009.,pp.5-15.
  5. "A novel pre-processing procedure for enhanced feature extraction and characterization of electromyogram signals," Omkar S. Powar, Krishnan Chemmangat, Sheron Figarado, Biomedical Signal Processing and Control,Volume 42,2018,Pages 277-286.
  6. "Three-Level Inverter Fed Open- End Winding IM Drive With Common Mode Voltage Elimination And Reduced Power Device Count", Sheron Figarado, K. Gopakumar, Gopal Mondal, K. Sivakumar and N.S Dinesh,The 33rd Annual Conference of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society (IECON) Nov. 5-8, 2007, Taipei, Taiwan.
  7. "A Bus-Clamping Pulse Width Modulation Method for a Dodecagonal Space Vector generation scheme for 3-phase Open-End Winding Induction Motor Drives," Ravi Teja Arumalla, and Sheron Figarado, IECON 2017 - 43rd Annual Conference of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society, Beijing, October 29th -Nov 1st 2017.
  8. "Harmonic and Switching Loss Analysis for Two-Level Space Vector Based Pulse Width Modulation Schemes," Pooja Krishna M.R, Ravi Teja Arumalla, Sheron Figarado and Krishnan CMC, IECON 2017 - 43rd Annual Conference of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society, Beijing, October 29th -Nov 1st 2017.

Recognition and Awards

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