Objective: The communication laboratory has been set up with the objective of imparting practical skills to design   analog and digital communication systems. This laboratory serves as the complement of the theory courses on Communication Systems and Digital Communication.

Equipments: It has the essential apparatus like – Digital Storage Oscilloscopes (DSO), Arbitrary Function Generators (AFG) Regulated power supply etc.  of the highest specification and of reputed company. It also has trainer kits for various analog and digital modulation/demodulation and coding techniques like, QPSK, OQPSK, DQPSK, OFDM Modulator &  Demodulator, CDMA system, Hamming codes, convolutional codes and Viterbi decoder. There are trainer kits on computation of BER form MSK, GMSK, FSK, GFSK MSK, GMSK, FSK, GFSK systems. This laboratory also has a high-end spectrum analyser which facilitates the spectral analysis of various signals. Additionally, each bench is equipped with a desktop computer system where licensed MATLAB is installed in order to perform simulation-based studies.  We have a total of 30 such benches.

Course: The undergraduate laboratory comprises of the following types of experiments: design and circuit-level implementation of analog and digital modulators and demodulators with ICs, simulation-based experiments and experiments based on trainer kits.