The research group in communication and signal processing primarily focus on signal processing aspects in wireless communication, coding theory and signal processing with respect to image restoration and optical imaging.

In the communication area, the primary research focus falls on PHY layer signal processing for 4G/5G wireless networks, compressive sensing framework in spatial modulation, massive MIMO, beamforming and channel estimation in mmWave communication. Also, there is research being carried out on modern error control coding techniques including  polar codes, LDPC codes etc. and on non orthogonal multiple access. Notably the research on underwater communication, acoustic communication modem for navigation and control of autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV) are one among the primary interests in the field of communication. In the signal processing area, the primary focus is on signal processing theory and methodologies. Particularly, the research includes some of the modern trends in signal processing such as Sparse Signal Processing, Convolutional Sparse Coding, and Graph Signal Processing. The research main at finding competitive solutions for the Signal/Image Restoration, Signal/Image Acquisition and Reconstruction. A collaborative research is also being carried out in the ambit of Computational Imaging with particular interest on Optical Imaging through scattering media.