Name of the Lab with Code: EE233 Analog Circuits and Lab

Faculty In charge: Dr. Bidhan Pramanick     

List of experiment

  1. To perform op-amp as Inverting and Non-inverting Amplifiers
  2. To perform op-amp as Integrator, Differentiator
  3. To perform Op-amp as Summing amplifier and difference amplifier
  4. To perform Op-amp voltage follower circuit and observe the waveforms.
  5. To perform op-amp as Simple Half wave rectifier. Half wave precision rectifier. Improved                  half wave precision rectifier Full wave rectifier.
  6. To perform op-amp as Schmitt Trigger.
  7. To perform op-amp Mono-stable, and A-stable multivibrator Circuits
  8. To generate triangular and square waveforms using OP-Amp and to determine the time period Of the waveforms
  9. To design and construct a Wien bridge oscillator using Op-Amp.
  10. To Design and setup a RC phase shift oscillator using Op-Amp.
  11. To examine the operation of both a Colpitts& Hartley oscillator using Op-Amp.
  12. To perform op-amp as First order active low pass and High pass filter.






OP-AMP Trainer Kit