B. Tech in Electrical Engineering

Semester 1

Course Code Course Name
CS 101 (I) Computer Programming
MA 105 Calculus
PH 107 Quantum Physics
CH 105 Organic Chemistry and Inorganic Chemistry
CH 107 Physical Chemistry
CH 117 Chemistry Lab
NO 101 National Sports Organization

Semester 2

Course Code Course Name
BB 101 Biology
PH 117 Physics Lab
EExxx  (I) Introduction to Electrical and Electronic Circuits (EE101)
PH 108 Electricity and Magnetism
NO 102 National Sports Organization
MA 106 Linear Algebra
MA 108 Ordinary Differential Equations
ME 119 Engineering Graphics and Drawing

Semester 3

Course Code Course Name
EE 223 Data Analytics
MA 205 Complex Analysis
MA 207 Differential Equations II
HS 201 Economics
EE 225 Network Theory
EE 207 Electronic Devices
EE 236 Electronic Devices Laboratory

Semester 4

Course Code Course Name
EE 210 Signals and Systems
EE 204 Analog Circuits
EE 222 Electrical Machines and power Electronics
EE 224 Digital Systems
EE 230 Analog Lab
EE 214 Digital Circuits Lab
EE 234 Machines Lab

Semester 5

Course Code Course Name
EE 309 Microprocessors
HS 301 Language and Society
EE 308 Communication Systems
EE 301 Electromagnetic Waves
EE 325 Probability and Random Processes
EE 337 Microprocessor Laboratory
EE 234 Machines Laboratory

Semester 6

Course Code Course Name
EE 302 Control Systems
EE 338 Digital Signal Processing
EE 328 Digital Communications
EE 334 Power Systems
EE 324 Control Systems Laboratory
EE 344 Electronics Design Laboratory
EE 340 Communications Laboratory

Semester 7

Internship/Project in this semester

Course Code Course Name
XX XXX Elective I
XX XXX Elective II
XX XXX Elective III or Institute Elective