Name of the Lab with Code: ME221 Metrology and Mechanical measurements

Faculty In charge: Dr. Anirudha Ambekar

List of Experiments:

Metrology Experiment

  1. Part A- Measurement of lengths, depth, diameters using Vernier caliper and Digimatic caliper.
    Part B – Calibration of micrometer using slip gauge
  2. Part A – Inspection of spur gears using gear tooth Vernier caliper
    Part B – Demonstration on Profile projector

  3. Electrical experiments
  4. Part A – Familiarization with electronic components
    Part B – Characterization of RC circuit
  5. Part A – Characterization of RLC circuit
  6. Part A – Introduction to Operational Amplifiers
    Part B – Inverting and Non inverting Amplifiers
  7. Part A – Mathematical operations using Operational amplifiers – Differential, Differentiator and integrator

  8. Mechanical experiments
  9. Part A – Static calibration of thermocouple
    Part B – Measurement of a time constant of a thermocouple
  10. Part A – Static calibration of pressure transducer
    Part B – Measurement of a time constant of a U-tube manometer
    Part C – Calibration of Bourdon gauges using dead weight tester

Profile Projector
U-tube Manometer