Name of the Lab with Code: ME 321 – Manufacturing Processes Lab

Faculty In charge: Prof. Rajesh S. Prabhu Gaonkar

List of Experiments:

  1. Various operations on lathe
  2. Various operations on milling machine
  3. Various operations on shaper, drilling machine and grinder
  4. Chips analysis
  5. Force analysis on lathe
  6. Force analysis on milling machine
  7. DOE on EDM
  8. DOE on Tribometer
  9. DOE on EDM
  10. DOE on Laser Beam Welding
  11. DOE on Friction Stir Welding
  12. Lathe alignment

Drilling Machine
Friction Stir Welding Machine
Grinding Machine
High Temperature Tribometer
Lathe Machine
EDM Machine
Shaper Machine
Vertical Milling Machine