Name of the Lab : Fluid Mechanics Laboratory

Faculty In charge: Dr. Arindam Das

List of Experiments:

  1. Measurement of Fluid Properties: Viscosity, Surface tension, Pressure etc
  2. Measurement of Metacentric Height
  3. Bernoulli’s Law
  4. Calibration of Flow Measurement Devices- Venturimeter
  5. Jet Impact on Solid
  6. Forced Vortex
  7. Major and Minor Losses in Pipes
  8. Flow visualization over bluff and streamlined bodies and measurement of drag and lift forces
  9. Reynold’s experiment

Major and Minor Loss through Pipe Apparatus
Hydraulic Bench
Flow Measurement Apparatus
Metacentric Height Apparatus

Impact of Jet for Flat Plate
Reynolds Flow Experiment Apparatus
Free & Forced Vortex Apparatus
Impact of Jet for Hemispherical Plate
Stokes Law Apparatus