Name of the Lab: Kinematics and Dynamics of Machines (KDoM) Lab

Faculty In charge: Dr. Sreenath Balakrishnan

  1. Brief description (4-5 sentences)
    KDoM lab: The objective of this laboratory is to supplement the theoretical concepts discussed in the classroom with practical knowledge. The primary focus is to give hands-on training to make different mechanisms using inexpensive daily-use materials. Additionally, we employ a few instruments to reinforce the fundamentals taught in class.
  2. List of experiments for the KDOM lab
    Session Title
    1 Mechanisms used in Watt’s steam engine
    2 Straight-line mechanisms
    3 Kinematic Analysis – Analytical Method
    4 Function generation: Synthesis of a four-link (4R) mechanism
    5 Velocity and acceleration analysis of slider-crank mechanism
    6 Cam analysis
    7 Gyroscopic action
    8 Balancing of rotating masses
  3. List of equipment
    (a) Motorised gyroscope
    (b) Balancing of rotating masses
    (c) Cam apparatus

Motorized gyroscope
Balancing of rotating masses
Cam apparatus