Dr. Ravi Sankannavar

Designation : Assistant Professor

Broad Area of Expertise : Chemical Engineering

Email : ravi{at}iitgoa.ac.in

Contact Number : 0832-2490-902

Address : PG Block, Dept. of Chemical and Materials Engineering, SCMS, IIT Goa, Farmagudi, Ponda - 403 401, Goa

Personal Page

Educational Qualifications

  1. Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, IIT Bombay
  2. M.E. in Chemical Engineering, IISc Bangalore
  3. B.E. in Chemical Engineering, RVCE Bangalore

Areas of Research

Electrochemical Energy Conversion and Storage Processes:

  • Development of new electrocatalyst materials for water electrolysis to produce green hydrogen
  • Investigation of redox mediators for decoupled water electrolysis
  • Investigation of various electrolytes for redox flow batteries
  • Development of a prototype device for the electrochemical synthesis of ammonia

Courses Taught

  • Electrochemical Technology
  • Solid Waste Management
  • Pharmaceutical Technology

Professional Appointments

  1. Assistant Professor, School of Chemical and Materials Science, IIT Goa
  2. Assistant Professor, Dept. of Chemical Engineering, MSRIT Bangalore
  3. Senior Research Fellow, Dept. of Energy Science and Engineering, IIT Bombay
  4. Research Associate, Dept. of Chemical Engineering, IIT Bombay
  5. Junior Research Fellow, Dept. of Chemical Engineering, NITK Surathkal
  6. Project Assistant, Dept. of Chemical Engineering, IISc Bangalore

Recent Publications

  1. Shetty, A. U. and Sankannavar, R. (2024) Exploring nitrogen reduction reaction mechanisms in electrocatalytic ammonia synthesis: A comprehensive review, Journal of Energy Chemistry, 92, 681-697.
  2. Mishra, R. K., Kumar, D. J. P., Sankannavar, R., Binnal, P. and Mohanty, K. (2024) Hydro-deoxygenation of pyrolytic oil derived from pyrolysis of lignocellulosic biomass: A review, Fuel, 360, 130473.
  3. Santhosh, C. R. and Sankannavar, R. (2023) Comprehensive Review on Electrochemical Green Ammonia Synthesis: From Conventional to Distinctive Strategies for Efficient Nitrogen Fixation, Applied Energy, 352, 121960.
  4. Mishra, R. K., Saini, R., Kumar, D. J. P., Sankannavar, R., Binnal, P., Dwivedi, N. and Kumar, P. (2023) Thermo-catalytic pyrolysis of Azadirachta indica seeds over CaO and CuO: Pyrolysis kinetics, the impact of catalysts on yield, fuel properties and its chemical composition, Journal of the Energy Institute, 111, 101366.
  5. Kashyap, S. J., Sankannavar, R. and Madhu, G. M. (2022) Hydroxyapatite Nanoparticles Synthesized with a Wide Range of Ca/P Molar Ratios and their Structural, Optical, and Dielectric Characterization, Journal of the Korean Ceramic Society, 59, 846–858.
  6. Kashyap, S. J., Sankannavar, R. and Madhu, G. M. (2022) Insights on the various structural, optical and dielectric characteristics of La1-xCaxFeO3 perovskite-type oxides synthesized through solution-combustion technique, Applied Physics A-Material Science & Processing, 128, 518.
  7. Kashyap, S. J., Sankannavar, R. and Madhu, G. M. (2022) Iron oxide (Fe2O3) synthesized via solution-combustion technique with varying fuel-to-oxidizer ratio: FT-IR, XRD, optical and dielectric characterization, Materials Chemistry and Physics, 286, 126118.
  8. Kashyap, S. J., Sankannavar, R. and Madhu, G. M. (2022) Synthesis and Characterization of La(Ce, Ba)NiO3 Perovskite-Type Oxides, Journal of Superconductivity and Novel Magnetism, 35, 2107-2118
  9. Kashyap, S. J., Sankannavar, R. and Madhu, G. M. (2021) Fluoride Sources, Toxicity and Fluorosis Management Techniques - A Brief Review, Journal of Hazardous Materials Letters, 2, 100033.
  10. Sowmya, S. R., Madhu, G. M., Sankannavar, R. and Yerragolla, S. (2021) Adsorption Using Chitosan and Nano Zerovalent Iron Composite Material for Sustainable Water Treatment, Materials Research Express, 8, 0241001.
  11. Sankannavar, R., Sandeep, K. C., Kamath, S., Suresh, A. K. and Sarkar, A. (2019) High Activity for Oxygen Evolution Reaction in Alkaline Solution – Activity Descriptors, Electrochimica Acta, 318, 809-819.
  12. Sankannavar, R. and Chaudhari, S. (2019) An Imperative Approach for Fluorosis Mitigation: Amending Aqueous Calcium to Suppress Hydroxyapatite Dissolution in Defluoridation, Journal of Environmental Management, 245, 230-237.
  13. Sankannavar, R., Sandeep, K. C., Kamath, S., Suresh, A. K. and Sarkar, A. (2018) Impact of Strontium-Substitution on Activity for Oxygen Evolution Reaction of Lanthanum Nickelates in Alkaline Solution, Journal of The Electrochemical Society, 165, J3236-J3245.
  14. Sankannavar, R. and Sarkar, A. (2018) The Electrocatalysis of Oxygen Evolution Reaction on La1-xCaxFeO3-delta Perovskites in Alkaline Solution, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 43, 4682-4690.
  15. Anjaneyulu, L., Kumar, E. A., Sankannavar, R. and Rao, K. K. (2012) Defluoridation of Drinking Water and Rainwater Harvesting Using a Solar Still, Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 51, 8040-8048.
  16. Balakrishnan, R., Sankannavar, R. and Rao, K. K. (2011) A Mechanism for the Occurrence of Ions in Distilled Water, Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 50, 13202-13209.

Recognition and Awards

Research grant received:

  • Project Title: Development of Energy Efficient Prototype Device for Electrochemical Synthesis of Ammonia: Investigating Pathways to Enhance Ammonia Production Rate
  • Funding Agency: Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB), Govt. of India.
  • Total Sanctioned Amount: Rs. 43.98/- lakhs
  • Duration & Status: Mar. 2022 - Feb. 2025 (3 years), Ongoing
  • Role: Principal Investigator


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