Placement Procedure

1. The Career Development Cell sends invitations to companies along with relevant information and documents: Placement Brochure, Job Announcement Form (JAF), etc. A company can also show interest in recruiting IIT Goa students by sending an email at placements@iitgoa.ac.in.
2. The CDC will reply within 2 working days through email. The dates for campus interviews are allotted on the basis of information provided in JAF. It is expected that correct and complete information is provided by companies in JAF.
3. The companies visit / connect with IIT Goa campus and conduct Pre-Placement Talk (PPT). Suitable date for the PPT is decided by discussion between the companies and the CDC.
4. Interested students register for a particular company online through an internal process.
5. Resumes/CVs of the applicants are made available to the companies for shortlisting.
6. Companies are required to send the list of shortlisted students by email to the CDC prior to the campus visit for further evaluation process.
7. The companies visit the campus and/or evaluate the students on the allotted dates. At least one representative from the company is expected to be in touch with the Cell during all rounds of selection processes.
8. The companies are expected to furnish the final list of selected students within 2 working days after the selection procedure is completed.