Why IIT Goa?

  • A unique system of a long-term internship has been recently introduced in IIT Goa’s B.Tech. curriculum.Students can take up challenging internships in industries, academic, or research institutes during their 7th semester, lasting from mid-May to mid-November. Such internships make our students industry-ready.

  • The low student-faculty ratio of 8 enables students of our institute and teachers work one-on-one, which leads to enhanced knowledge transfer. Moreover, students are able to connect closely with their peers and are more confident in sharing their ideas and perspectives with teachers.

  • At IIT Goa, faculty members conduct research on a broad spectrum of scientific fields. Two centers of research and development [Center of Excellence in Particulates, Colloids and Interfaces and Center for Appropriate Technology for Rural Sectors (CATeRS)] established at IIT Goa provide exposure of cutting-edge research areas even to the undergraduate students. This fosters independent critical thinking skills, in addition to the sound academic foundation.

  • Beyond academics, IIT Goa has a vibrant extra-curricular culture with various clubs & committees, and 95% of our students participate in sports, arts and cultural activities. Apart from providing an essential break from academic rigor, it is the domain of extra-curricular activities that is frequently credited for the creation of proficient leaders.

Roles of the Career Development Cell

  • Enabling industry-academia collaboration
  • Career counselling to the students, both for careers in industry and academia
  • To Ensure all students get on- and off-campus support for placements
  • To conduct suitable training towards career readiness for all students