Dr. Nida Sajid

Assistant Professor of South Asian Studies in the Department of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, USA.

Designation: Visiting Faculty
Broad Area of Expertise: Language and Literature
Research Interests: Postcolonial Literature; Transnational Intellectual History; Global Eighteenth Century; Gender and Material Culture; Translation Studies and Modern Indian Literature
Personal Page: https://apps.cla.umn.edu/directory/profiles/nsajid
Email: nidasajid{@}iitgoa.ac.in

Prof. Rajesh Pandit

Designation: Visiting Faculty
Broad Area of Expertise: Humanities and Social Sciences

Prof. Varun Sahni (Vice-Chancellor, Goa University)

Designation: Adjunct Professor
Broad Area of Expertise: Centre for International Politics, Organization and Disarmament, School of International Studies Humanities and Social Sciences ( not an area of expertise)
Research Interests: Nuclear deterrence, regional security, changing power balances in the Asia-Pacific, evolving security concepts, emerging powers, IBSA and BRICS, Indian foreign policy, International Relations theory, Latin American politics, technology in education
Email: vc{@}unigoa.ac.in