School of Humanities and Social Sciences regularly organises lectures, workshops and seminars. The details of the lectures and workshops conducted by the school as the part of Foundation programme for the academic year are given below.

Seminar / WorkshopSpeaker / Workshop conducted by
Lecture on “One Nation-One Literature”    Mr. Damodar Mauzo
Workshop on“Communication Skills and Adolescence Development”  Neuro Space
Lecture on “The Story of Goan House”    Mr. Gerard De Cunha
“Sessions on Cinema study- Environmental Crisis and the Human Question”  Dr. Suvadip Sinha- University of Minnesota, Twin Cities.  
Lecture on“Understanding the Brain: The Next Frontier (why Engineers should study Cognitive Sciences)”  Dr. Leslee Lazar, Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar  
Workshop on “Imagination and Creativity”    Prof. Cedric Serpes, Goa Institute of Management
Workshop on “Introduction to Painting”  Mr. Vilas Shinde, Chairman National Gallery of Modern Art Mumbai.  
Lecture and Workshop on “Literature Appreciation and Creative Writing”  Prof. Meenakshi Bharat, University of Delhi  
Lecture on “Classical Music and the Challenge of Changing Values in India: Classical in the Coke Studio”  Prof.Vidya Shah
Workshop on “Digital Film Making”  Dr. Nithin Kalorth and  Ms. Malvika Sagar