1. Design and development of a system for the sorting of Areca nut/Betel nut

Areca nut, commonly known as Betel nut, is an important crop which is widely cultivated in Goa. Betel nuts of different quality are brought in a mixed condition to the sellers from the farms. Subsequently, the sorting of Betel nuts is typically carried out manually based on several criteria including surface color and texture, shape and weight of the nuts, to name a few. The sorting of Betel nuts using mechanical means cannot be carried out as the separation is essentially based on distinguishing two nuts having different color features, geometric features, or both. The aim of this study is to design and develop an economically affordable machine capable of efficiently sorting Betel nuts.

2. Pressure Point Leakage Proof Design of Low-Cost Sanitary Napkins

Significant number of school dropouts among rural teenage girl population in India has often been linked with the lack of availability of leak proof low-cost sanitary napkins. One of the major challenges of using existing low-cost napkins is their failure to prevent leakage of menstrual fluids from specific pressure points. To effectively address this issue, CATeRS IIT Goa started a project named “Pressure Point Leakage Proof Design of Low-Cost Sanitary Napkins”. Scientific understanding of liquid wettability, interfacial science, nanotechnology, human ergonomics and bio-materials will be used to design napkins with zero fluid leakage.