System & Control Theory
        Robust and Adaptive Control
        Autonomous underwater vehicle Control
        Renewable energy system control

PhD Theses Guidance

  1. D.Jena, Evolutionary Neuro-computing Approaches to System Identification, 2010

  2. P.K.Ray, Soft computing and signal processing techniques for frequency and Harmonic estimation in Power system, 2011(Co-supervisor: A.M.Panda)

  3. A.K.Swain, Development of Advanced Control Strategies for Flexible Robot Manipulators,2013 Co-supervisor: R.Rohella)

  4. S.K.Pradhan, Development of new Adaptive Control strategies for a two-link Flexible manipulator, 2013

  5. R.Pradhan, Development of New Parameter Extraction Schemes and Maximum Power Point Controllers for Photovoltaic Power Systems, 2014

  6. D.K.Das,New Results on Delay-Dependent Stability analysis and stabilization of time-delay systems,2015 (Supervisor: S.Ghosh)

  7. S. Bonala, Stability Analysis and Design of Digital Compensators for Networked Control Systems,2015(Co-Supervisor: S.Ghosh)

  8. B.K.Sahu, Development of Path Following and Cooperative Motion Control Algorithms for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles,2015

  9. R. Panigrahi, Development of Robust Control Schemes with New Estimation Algorithms for Shunt Active Power Filter,2015(Co-Supervisor: P.C.Panda)

  10. B. Das, Coordination Control of Multiple Autonomous Underwater Vehicles with communication Constraints,2016(Supervisor: B.B.Pati)

  11. V.Ratnam, Design and Development of FPGA based Controllers for Photovoltaic Power System,2016(Supervisor: K.K.Mahapatra)

  12. Peda Suresh Ogeti, Robust Active and Reactive Power Control Schemes for a DFIG based WECS,2016(Co-Supervisor: A.K.Panda)

  13. Raja Rout, Design and Experimental Realization of Control Schemes for an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle,2017

  14. Sasmita Behera, Grid integration and optimal control for wind energy conversion systems, 2017(Supervisor: B.B.Pati)

  15. B.K. Dash, Development of Control Strategies for Hybrid Electric Vehicles,2017(Co-Supervisor: R.Reddy)

  16. D.Atta, Development of Robust Control Strategies for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles, 2017

  17. S.Mohanty, Development of maximum power extraction algorithms for PV system with non-uniform solar irradiances,2017(Co-Supervisor: P.K.Ray)

  18. S.K.Behera, Development of Improved Active Noise Control Systems and their Real-Time Evaluation,2018(Co-Supervisor: D.Das)

  19. K.Lochan, Design of Robust Control Algorithms for a Two-link Flexible Manipulator,2018(Supervisor: B.K.Roy)

  20. Subhasish Mahapatra, Nonlinear H Control Algorithms for Autonomous Underwater Vehicle in Diving and Steering Planesz,2018

  21. Somya Ranjan Mohapatra, Robust Decentralized Control Algorithms for a Multivariable Liquid Level System,2018

  22. A.Bag, Development of Adaptive Controllers for Grid Integration of a Three-Phase PV System,2018(Co-Supervisor: P.K.Ray)

  23. S. Shrivastava, Distributed Secondary Control Schemes for Islanded Microgrid,2019(Co-Supervisor: S.Das)

  24. Maddela Chinna Obaiah, Wide-Area Damping Controllers for Power System with Time Delays and Actuator Saturation,2019

  25. Sudarshan Swain, Grid Synchronization Control Schemes for a Three Phase Photovoltaic System with Power Quality Disturbances,2019

  26. Satyajit Dash, Robust Active and Reactive Power Controllers for a Grid Connected Wind Energy Conversion,2019

  27. Satyabrata Sahoo, Robust Control of Wind Turbine,2019(Co-Supervisor: G.Panda)

  28. Mithu Sarkar, Robust Wide-Area Damping Controllers for Compensating Inter-Area Oscillations in Power System,2019

  29. Biranchi Rath, Robust and Adaptive Control Algorithms for Autonomous Underwater Vehicle,2020

  30. Sudhansu Samal, Estimation of Low-Frequency Oscillations Using Wide-Area Monitoring in Power System,2020

  31. Umesh Sahu, Adaptive and Vision Based Controllers for a Flexible Link Manipulator,2020(Supervisor: D.Patra)

  32. O. Pahari, Robust and Adaptive Grid Synchronization Control of a Two Stage Grid-Connected Photovoltaic System,2020

  33. Choudhury, New Integration and Control Algorithms for PV System,2020(Co-Supervisor: R.Sharma)

  34. Chavvi Suryendu Formation Control of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles with Communication Constraints,2020

  35. D.Mahapatra, Machine Learning based Sensor Fault Detection Schemes for Plasma Position Control in Tokamak,2021(Co-Supervisor: A.Naskar)

  36. A Parida, Adaptive Filtering and Control Algorithms for Grid Integration of Photovoltaic Systems,2021(Co-Supervisor: P.K.Ray)

  37. Jagatpati Raiguru, Promoting Earth Abundant Semiconductor-Cu2ZnSnS4 as Hole Transporting Material for Perovskite Solar Cell Application (Supervisor: P.Mahanandia), 2021


  1. Malaya Bhunia, Adaptive Control Design for a Three Phase Grid Connected Photovoltaic System with Experimental Analysis, (Co-Supervisor: P.K.Ray), Nov 2021

  2. Prangya Pradhan, Robust control schemes for a Doubly Fed Induction Generator based Wind Energy Conversion System, Dec 2021(Co-Supervisor: A.Ghosh)

  3. Swati Pradhan, Optimal and Robust Controllers for a Photovoltaic System (Co-supervisor, Raseswari Pradhan), Nov 2021

In Progress

  1. S.Jagdev,Robust control of nonlinear multivariable system, wef 2014(Co-Supervisor: A.Naskar)

  2. Swagat Panda, Multi-agent based Control of a Microgrid System, wef Jan 2020

  3. Rajendra U, Design of a Bidirectional Converter for Electric Vehicle Charging, wef Jan 2020

  4. Krishna Chaitayana, Control of a PV integrated, wef Jan 2020

  5. Arunima S,Control of Microgrid, wef sep 2020

  6. Venkat Rao, Electric Machines for Naval Applications, wef 2021(Supervisor: S.Sampathirao)

  7. Byomkesh Dash, PV System Control, wef 2017 (Co-Supervisor: Renu Sharma)

  8. Deepak Kumar Dash, Control of PV System (Prof. P.K.Sadhu, IIT ISM Dhanbad) wef 2016

  9. Minerva, Communication (Dr Kuntal Deka, IIT Guwahati)


  1. R.Dash, Fault Diagnosis of Induction Motor using Soft Computing Techniques, 2011

  2. S.Bhuyan, Development and Control of Networked Servo System, 2011

  3. R.Rout, Control of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles, 2012

  4. T.Rakesh, On stabilisation of cart-inverted pendulum system: An Experimental study, 2013

  5. Sudarshan Swain, Simulation and Experimental Realization of Adaptive Controllers for Shunt Active Power Filter to Improve Power Quality,2015

  6. Chhavi Suryendu, Time-Delay Estimation Based Wireless-Networked Temperature Control System, 2015

  7. D.Dey, Design and Real-time Implementation of Adaptive Grid Synchronization Control Schemes for Photovoltaic System, 2019

MTech Theses Guidance:

  1. System Identification Algorithms and their DSP implementation, Harsa Vardhan, 2008

  2. Real-time Estimation and Control Induction Motor Drive System, Anish Kumar, 2008

  3. Islanding detection in Distributed Generation, T. Pujhari,2009(Co-supervisor: S. Samantaray)

  4. Development of Time Delay Compensation Techniques with Application to Network based Control Design, Bollepally Raju,2009(Sandip Ghosh)

  5. DSP implementation of Nonlinear System Identification, S. Bonala, 2010 (S.Ghosh)

  6. Analytical Structures of Different Fuzzy Control Paradigms and their Applications, Srikanth M.,2010 (A.U.Reddy)

  7. Parameter Estimation and Vector Control of an Induction Motor, Sarada Prasanna Sahoo,2010

  8. Model Predictive Networked Control Design and Implementation for Networked Control System, Kuamar Gautam,2010

  9. FPGA based active power filter for Harmonic Mitigation, Smrutiranjan Prusty, 2011, K.Mahapatra

  10. Kalman Filter based AUV Navigation, Anil, 2011, S.Ghosh

  11. Real-time Tip Position Control of a Flexible-Link Robot, Abhisekha Behera,2011,S.Ghsoh

  12. Real time navigation control of khepera-iii mobile robot, Kuppili vinodh Kumar,2011, S. Ghosh

  13. Control of autonomous underwater vehicle, Koena Mukharjee,2011, V. Sharma

  14. Design of robust controllers for Dc-dc converters, Nivedita Pati,2012

  15. Study on Time-Delay Systems with Application to Control a Flexible Robot, Abhsekha Parida,2012, S. Ghosh

  16. A Comparative Study of Linear and Nonlinear Control Strategies for DC-DC Switching Converters, Om Prakash Pahari,2012

  17. Development of an Iterative Learning based Tip Position Controller of a Flexible Link Robot,Nishant Kumar,2012

  18. Formation Control of Multiple AUVs with Limited Communication Prawesh Kumar Mandhavi,2012, Subhojit Ghosh

  19. Modelling and Control of DC-DC converters, P. Suneelraju,2012

  20. Predictive Controller Design for Networked Systems, Ananda Singh,2012

  21. Discrete-Time Slip Control Algorithms for a Hybrid Electric Vehicle, Khusal Chaudhuri,2013

  22. Voltage Control of Dc-Dc Buck Converter and its Real Time Implementation Using Microcontroller, Dipak Kumar Dash,2013

  23. Model Predictive Controllers for A Networked DC Servo System, Ramesh Chandra Khamari,2013

  24. Position and Heading Control of an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle using Model Predictive Control, Pankaj Kumar Jha,2013

  25. Adaptive Iterative Learning Control of a Single-Link Flexible Manipulator Based on an Identiļ¬ed Adaptive NARX Model, Laxmanrao Mute Dinesh 2013, Subhojit Ghosh

  26. Wind Speed Estimation by Neural Networks, Prangya Parimita Pradhan2014

  27. Modelling of PV System and Prediction of Solar Insolation, Reema Mohanty,2014

  28. Adaptive Depth Control of an AUV, Biranchi narayan Rath,2014

  29. Fuzzy PI Control of WECS, Suchismita Acharya,2014

  30. State Estimation through wireless Communication for a Smart Grid Joysankar Dwibedy, 2014

  31. Superconducting Electromagnets for Wind Energy Conversion System, Vidya Bhusan,2014

  32. Controller design for Magnetic Levitation System, Abhisekha Nayak,2015

  33. Sensor Fusion for Navigation of Autonomous Underwater Vehicle using Kalman Filtering, Akash Agarwal,2015

  34. Design of a Shunt Active Power Filter with grid connected inverter control for a Photovoltaic System, Biswabharati Majhi,2015

  35. Model Predictive Controller for two link flexible Manipulator, Upsana Gogoi,2015

  36. Time delay compensation in networked Control system, Manas Kumar Das,2015

  37. Use of super conducting magnet for Energy storage in shunt active power Filter, Pravesh Kumar,2015

  38. Active and reactive power control of a grid connected photovoltaic power system, Amlan Acharya,2016

  39. Grid Connected Photovoltaic System with Active Power Filtering, Sharon Sebastian,2016

  40. Path following Control of an Autonomous underwater vehicle, Kodavati Jyothi,2016

  41. Implementation of Shunt Active Power Filtering Algorithm based on p-q Theory using FPGA,Anurag, Bharatkumar Shah,2016

  42. A Two Stage Stand Alone Solar PV System, Peddiraju Vamsi Krishna2016

  43. Heading Control of Autonomous Underwater Vehicle , Pradeep Kumar,2018

  44. Active and Reactive Power Control of Single-Phase Two-Stage Grid-Tied PV System in d-q frame, Rashmi Kumari, May 2018

  45. Control of Three Phase Grid Connected Photovoltaic System, Neha Mary Toppo,2018

  46. Path Following Control of AUV, Apoorva Srivastava,2018

  47. Control of an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle attached with a Manipulator, Ritvik,2018

  48. Robust Control Algorithms of Autonomous Underwater Vehicle, Abhishek Rajesh Singh,2019

  49. Optimal Depth Control Algorithms of an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Hari Krishnan C,2019

  50. Observer Based Model Predictive Control of DC-DC Boost Converter, Srinibash Sahoo,2019

  51. Path following Control of an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle, Chandra Mohan Marandi,2020


  1. A Smart Bidirectional Electric Vehicle Charging System Connected to PV Integrated Micro grid, DST(IMPRINT),46 Lac INR, 2020-2023, Co-PI: P.K.Ray)

  2. Development of Control and Power Electronics Schemes for a Smart Micro Grid with high penetration of PV Generation and Electric Vehicles, 45.672 Lac INR, DST-UKIERI, 2019-2021(Co-PI: P.K.ray)

  3. Development and Implementation of Different Robust Control Algorithms for Plasma Position Control, BRNS, 19 Lac INR, 2021-2023

  4. Development of Strategies for Improving Reliability and Economic Performance of Microgrid, DST-Thailand, 21 Lac INR, 2020-2022(PI:P.K.Ray)

  5. Development of New Control Schemes with Optimal Trajectory Planning for a Group of Autonomous Underwater Robots in Unknown Environments, DST-RFBR, 20.194 Lac INR, 2017-2019,

  6. Development of grid integration strategies for photovoltaic system, DST,112 Lac INR, 2014-2018(Co-PI: P.K.Ray)

  7. Development of soft Computing based Real-time Fault Detection for Tokamak Position Control System, BRNS, 18 Lac INR, 2014-2016

  8. Dynamic path planning for the swarm of unmanned marine vehicles, Royal Academy of Engg., 11800 GBP, 2015-2016(UK Lead: S.Sharma)

  9. Development of new control strategies for autonomous underwater robots in uncertain environment, DST-RFBR,35 Lac INR, 2015-2018

  10. Development of communication and control strategies for new generation Autonomous Underwater Vehicles, DST-RMES, 54 Lac INR, 2014-2017

  11. Estimation & Filtering with Application to Distributed Generations, DST,38 Lac INR, 2013-2016(Co-PI: P.K.Ray)

  12. Establishment of CoE-Renewable Energy System, MHRD, 500 Lac INR, 2012-2016, (Co-PI: P.K.Ray)

  13. Wide Area Control of Power System, CPRI, 29 Lac INR, 2014-2017(Co-PI:S.Ghosh)

  14. Modelling & Control of Hybrid Renewable Energy Sources, DST-UKIERI, 33 Lac INR, 2013-2015 (Co-PI: P.K.Ray)

  15. Development of a Hardware Setup and real-time implementation of Path Following and Co-operative Motion Control Algorithms for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles, NRB, 25 Lac INR, 2014-2017

  16. Study of power quality problems and counter measures in present power systems using power electronics devices, CPRI, 21 INR Lac, 2011-2014(Co-PI: P.C.Panda)

  17. Development of Co-operative Motion Control of Multiple AUVs, NRB, 16 Lac INR, 2008-2011

  18. Investigation of Control Issues in Networked Control System, CSIR, 16 Lac INR, 2010-2013

  19. Investigation on Real-time Control of Flexible Robot Manipulators, AICTE, 5 Lac INR, 2004-2006