Computer Networks Lab (CS 378), Jan 2018

Computer Lab, Monday 2.00pm - 5.00pm
CS 348
Wireshark: User's guide, Capturing and inspecting packets tutorial
Teaching Assistants
Siddaram Badiger (
Shubham Dodia (
Grading Scheme
Selected assignments will be graded.
Lab Instructions
See the lab instructions here
Lab assignments
# Due Date Question References Graded
1. Mon, 19 Feb Socket Programming Socket Programming (C pgm): Beej's guide to network programming
Socket Programming (Python pgm): Kurose and Ross Networking book, Section 2.7
Fork Function: see here
2. Mon, 19 Mar DNS Requests DNS message format: Kurose and Rose, Section 2.5.3
See DNS and RR format
Also see a simple explanation
For testing you can use Google's Public DNS
3. Mon, 2 April A simple routing algorithm Dijkstra's algorithm, Kurose and Rose, Section 4.5.1
Dijkstra's algorithm from your favourite algorithms book
4. Mon, 16 April Distance Vector algorithm Yes