Reading Logic, Feb 2018*

Prince Mathew reads and presents various topics in Logic.
Logic in Computer Science by Huth and Ryan (H&R)
Artificial Intelligence by Russel Norwig(RN)
# Date Content References
1 14-02-2018 Declarative sentences, Natural deduction, Provable equivalence, Well Formed Formulas H&R1.1, 1.2, 1.3
2 16-02-2018 Semantics of propositional logic, Soundness & Completeness- Introduction H&R1.4
3 19-02-2018 Soundness of Propositional logic H&R1.4
4 20-02-2018 Completeness of Propositional logic H&R1.4
5 06-03-2018 Normal forms - Semantic equivalence, Satisfiablility and Validity, CNF and Validity H&R1.5
6 07-03-2018 Horn Clauses and Satisfibility H&R1.5
7 08-03-2018 SAT solvers- Linear solver, Cubic solver H&R1.6
8 15-03-2018 Effective propositional model checking, Unit propagation, Pure literal elimination, DPLL Algorithm RN7.6, Wikipedia
9 16-03-2018 The Wumpus World, Agents based on propositional logic, Hybrid agent, Logical state estimation RN7.2,7.7
10 19-03-2018 Propositional Theorem Proving, Inference and Proofs, Proof by resolution, Horn clauses and Definite clauses, Forward and Backward chaining RN7.5
11 26-03-2018 Predicate Logic- The need for richer language H&R2.1
12 27-03-2018 Predicate logic as a formal language- Terms, Formulas, Free and Bound variables, Substitution H&R2.2
13 28-03-2018 Proof theory of predicate logic- Natural deduction rules, Quatifier equivalences, Semantics of predicate logic- Models, Semantic Entailment, Semantics of equality H&R2.3,2.4
14 11-04-2018 Micromodels of software- State Machines, Case Study- Alma H&R2.7
15 17-04-2018 A Software Micromodel H&R2.7
16 18-04-2018 Program Verification- Need for verification, Framework for software verification, Hoare triples H&R4.1,4.2
17 30-04-2018 Partial and Total correctness, Program variables and Logical variables, Proof calculus for partial correctness, Proof tableaux H&R4.3
18 02-05-2018 Case Study Minimal-Sum section, Proof calculus for total correctness, Programming by contract H&R4.3,4.4,4.5
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