The Senate of IIT Goa approved a supervised learning course TASLe (Technology and Society – Learning) in the meeting of June 2019. TASLe has several components, viz., (i) 8 hours of lectures on development and engineering, (ii) project formulation, conduct and reporting, (iii) mandatory field visits and interactions with stakeholders. TASLe is offered as an open elective course to third and final year undergraduate students of the Institute.

The projects which have been carried out so far in the autumn and spring semesters of the academic year 2019-2020 are:

  1. Preliminary study of solid waste management in the municipal corporation of Ponda, the town where IIT is presently situated.
  2. Analysis of drinking water problem in Savai Varem village in Ponda taluka.
  3. Classification and analysis of sorting of Areca nuts into various grades.
  4. Designing and building tools for local artisans and farmers.
  5. Studying the impact of chemical contamination on marine ecosystem in Goa.
  6. An exploratory study on the state of Entrepreneurship in India.
  7. Designing a concept of farmstay in Goa.
  8. A preliminary study on oil spills and bilge water on the coastline of Goa.
  9. Designing tools and implements for the farming and horticulture sector in Goa.