List of Technically Responsive /Non-Responsive Bidders for Providing Contractual Security Services. New

Live Tenders/Enquiries
Published Date Tender Documents Category Bid Submission
Closing Date
22-07-2021 DDR 3 RAM and DDR 4 RAM Computer Hardware 12-08-2021
20-07-2021 Providing power supply connection to portable cabins. 03-08-2021
20-07-2021 Ductless Hood and Spray Booth for Nanoparticle Handling Equipment 10-08-2021
19-07-2021 Enquiry for supply, installation, testing, and commissioning of kitchen ventilation 10-08-2021
19-07-2021 Cleaning & Disinfection of Water Storage Tanks 26-07-2021
16-07-2021 Enquiry for Flow Cytometer Analyzer Equipment 06-08-2021
14-07-2021 Enquiry for 8 Channel Digital Storage Oscilloscope. Equipment 04-08-2021
14-07-2021 Enquiry for Double Disc Auto Polisher Equipment 04-08-2021
09-07-2021 Enquiry for Single Phase AC-DC Electronic Load Equipment 30-07-2021
09-07-2021 FE Software 2D single user Licenses / FE Software 3D single user License Computer Software 30-07-2021
06-07-2021 Enquiry for Impedance/LCR Analyzer Equipment 27-07-2021
25-06-2021 Enquiry Environmental Monitor

Corrigendum I

Equipment 26-07-2021
24-06-2021 Enquiry for Supply of Networking/LAN Items and Installation


24-06-2021 Enquiry for Non-Destructive Testing Equipment