ME 230 : Machine Drawing Lab
Course Code ME 230
Course Name Machine Drawing Lab
Offered to UG/PG
Pre-requisites NIL
Lecture 0
Tutorial 1
Practical 3
Credit 5
Reference 1. N. Siddheshwar, P. Kannaiah, V. V. S. Sastry; Machine Drawing; Tata-McGraw Hill.
2. K. C. John; A text book of Machine Drawing; PHI Learning Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi.
3. N. D. Junnarkar; Machine Drawing; Pearson Education.
4. N. D. Bhat; Machine Drawing; Charotar Publishing Company.
5. P. S. Gill; Machine Drawing; S. K. Kataria & Sons, New Delhi.
6. K. L. Narayana; P. Kannaiah, K. Venkata Reddy; Machine Drawing; New Age International Publishers.
7. K. R. Gopalkrishna; Machine Drawing; Subhash Publications.
8. BIS (Board of Indian Standards) SP 46.
Description Introduction to machine drawing, Conventional representation of machine components, Materials, Springs and gears, Indication of surface texture Review of AutoCAD Threaded Fasteners and Joints: Screw thread nomenclature, Types of threads, nut, bolt and washer, Locking arrangements of nuts, Foundation bolts Keys, Cotters and Pin Joints: Keys, Cotter joints, Socket and spigot joint, Sleeve and cotter joints Jib and cotter joint, Knuckle joint Riveted Joints: Introduction, Classification, Caulking and fullering for rivets Welded Joints: Types of welded joints, Welding symbols Pipe Joints and Fittings Power Transmission Units: Shaft couplings, Shaft bearings Limits, Fits and Tolerances: Terms related to dimensional tolerances, Types of tolerances, Systems of dimensional tolerances and fits, Calculation of fundamental deviations and tolerances, Types of fits, Geometrical tolerances Assembly Drawings with Sectioning and Bill of Materials:
Valves: Blow-off cock, Steam stop valve, Rams bottom safety valve, Non- return valve etc.
Bearings: Plummer block, Pedestal bearing, Footstep bearing etc.
Miscellaneous Parts: Lathe tool post, Lathe and milling machine tail stock, Screw Jack, Drill Jig, Crane hook, Connecting rod etc.
Lab Work:
Preparation of assembly and part drawings in 2D and 3D as per prevailing standards