ME 218 : Solid Mechanics Lab
Course Code ME 218
Course Name Solid Mechanics Lab
Offered to UG/PG
Pre-requisites NIL
Lecture 0
Tutorial 0
Practical 3
Credit 3
Reference Crandall S. H., Dahl N.C., and Lardner T. J., An Introduction to the Mechanics of Solids McGraw Hill, 1978. Dally J. W. and Riley W. F., Experimental Stress Analysis, McGraw Hill, 1987. Doebelin E. and Manik D. N., Measurement Systems, McGraw Hill Educations, 2007.
Description Experiments associated with tensile testing, torsion testing, buckling, hardness testing, fatigue testing and impact testing. Experiments on beam bending, strain gaging and photoelasticity.