ME 226 : Mechanical Measurements
Course Code ME 226
Course Name Mechanical Measurements
Offered to UG/PG
Pre-requisites NIL
Lecture 2
Tutorial 1
Practical 0
Credit 6
Reference 1. R. K. Jain, ‘Engineering Metrology’, Khanna Publishers, 1999.
2. J. F. W. Gayler and C.R. Shotbolt, ‘Metrology for Engineers’ Cassel London, 1964.
3. K. J. Hume, ‘Engineering Metrology’ MC Donald London, 1963.
4. G. G. Thomas, ‘Engineering Metrology’, Butterworth’s, 1974.
5. S. P. Venkateshan, ‘Mechanical Measurements’, Ane Books, 2015.
Description 1. Introduction: Generalized measurement system, Zero, first and second order measurement
systems, static and dynamic calibration, random errors, uncertainty analysis and error propagation.
2. Basic measurement techniques in thermal, mechanical, and fluid systems. Introduction to various mechanical measurement devices, their static and dynamic characteristics, calibration
a. Temperature measurement
b. Pressure measurement
c. Flow measurement
d. Strain/ force measurement
e. Measurement of motion
3. Sampling and data acquisition: Sampling concepts, data acquisition systems and components, signal conditioning, amplifiers, filters.
4. Metrology:
a. Measurement of lengths and angles (Hand and Precision Instruments).
b. Limits and Fits.>br> c. Geometric Tolerances for form, position and location.
d. Design of special purpose inspection gages/comparators.
e. Inspection of complex shapes like screw threads, worms and gears.
f. Surface finish and its measurement.
g. Introduction to Modern Techniques of inspection based on the above topics.