ME 224 : Fluid Mechanics Lab
Course Code ME 224
Course Name Fluid Mechanics Lab
Offered to UG/PG
Pre-requisites NIL
Lecture 0
Tutorial 0
Practical 3
Credit 3
Reference 1. Impact of a jet on vanes
2. Verification of Bernouli's theorem
3. Frictional losses in a pipe
4. Minor losses in a pipe flow
5. Calibration of flow meters
6. Metacentric height of floating bodies
7. Reynolds experiment
Description 1. RW Fox, PJ Pritchard, AT McDonald, Introduction to fluid mechanics, John Wiley & Sons.
2. YA Cengel, JM Cimbala, Fluid mechanics, McGraw Hill Publishers.
3. FM White, Fluid mechanics, McGraw Hill Publishers.
4. SK Som, G Biswas, S Chakraborty, Introduction to fluid mechanics and fluid machines, McGraw Hill publishers.