EE 225 : Network Theory
Course Code EE 225
Course Name Network Theory
Offered to UG
Pre-requisites : EE 152 - Basic Electric Circuits
Lecture 2
Tutorial 1
Practical 0
Credit 6
Reference N Balabanian and T.A. Bickart, Linear Network Theory: Analysis, Properties, Design and Synthesis, Matrix Publishers, Inc. 1981.L.O. Chua, C.A. Desoer, E.S. Kuh, Linear and Nonlinear Circuits, McGraw - Hill International Edition 1987.
Description Graphs: Paths, connectedness, circuits, cutsets, trees; Matrix representation of directed graphs: incidence, cutset and circuit matrices; Methods of analysis of linear networks: nodal-cutset-mesh- and loop-analysis. Time and frequency domain approaches to electrical networks: State equations for linear networks with no capacitor loops or inductor cutsets, solution of state equations for the distinct eigen value case; Laplace transforms and their adaptation to networks.2-port networks: 2-port parameters, interconnection of 2-ports and their effect on the parameters, Tellegen`s generalized reciprocity theorem. Multiport and multiterminal networks: their representations and interconnections. Transfer functions: poles and zeros; Elements of Filter Theory.