PH 108 : Electricity and Magnetism
Course Code PH 108
Course Name Electricity and Magnetism
Offered to UG
Pre-requisites NIL
Lecture 2
Tutorial 1
Practical 0
Credit 6
Reference 1. Introduction to Electrodynamics ? D.J. Griffiths
2. Electricity and Magnetism ? Mahajan and Rangwala
3. Electricity and Magnetism ? Purcell (Berkeley Series)
Description Review of vector calculus ? gradient, divergence, Curl and Laplacian. Spherical polar and cylindrical coordinates, Stokes and divergence theorems. Coulomb?s law and principle of superposition. Gauss?s law and its applications. Electric potential and electrostatic energy Poisson?s and Laplace?s equations with simple examples, uniqueness theorem, boundary value problems, Properties of conductors, method of images Dielectrics- Polarization and bound charges, Displacement vector Lorentz force law (cycloidal motion in an electric and magnetic field), Magnetostatics- Biot & Savart?s law, Amperes law. Divergence and curl of magnetic field, Vector potential and concept of gauge, Calculation of vector potential for a finite straight conductor, infinite wire and for a uniform magnetic field Magnetism in matter, volume and surface currents, Field H, classification of magnetic materials Faraday?s law in integral and differential form, Motional emf Displacement current, Maxwell?s equations Electromagnetic waves, wave equation, e.m. waves in vacuum and media, refractive index, Energy and momentum of e.m.w., Poynting vector, radiation pressure. Polarization of e.m. waves, Reflection and refraction, skin depth, standing electromagnetic waves, resonating cavity. Waveguides with rectangular metallic boundaries, TE, TM and TEM mode Electric dipole radiation, Larmor?s formula. qualitative ideas on radiation pattern Relativistic invariance of Maxwell?s equation