भारतीय प्रौद्योगिकी संस्थान गोवा
Research Projects
R&D grants received from various external agencies (Ongoing R&D Project)
Sr. No Name of Project Investigator Funding Agency Funding year and Project duration Project Name
1 Dr. E Siva Subramaniam DST INSPIRE 2016/5yrs Understanding ultrafast dynamics at water-water interface
2 Dr. Sreejith A.V Ministry of Earth Sciences 2017/2yrs Development of remote sensing-based method for the rapid reconstruction of time series of formative water discharges of the Ganga & Brahmaputra rivers in the Himalayan Foreland
3 Dr. Sachin Kore DAE-BRNS 2016/3ys Feasibility studies….Reactor Application
4 Dr. Sudhakar Yogaraj Ramanujan Fellowship/DST 2018/5yrs A multiscale modelling framework for fluid- Para elastic structure interaction
5 Dr. Sheron Figarado SERB-Early Career Research 2017/2.5yrs A harmonic elimination scheme with reduced switching losses for a 3-phase open-end winding Induction machine using only conventional two level inverters in the entire modulation range
6 Dr. Sudipta Kanungo DST INSPIRE 2016/5yrs Emerging phases due to spin-orbit coupling in 5d oxides: a first principles simulation approach
7 Dr. Dhanya Rajendran DST INSPIRE 2016/5yrs On certain qualitative properties of some nonlinear elliptic PDE’s
8 Dr. Pydi Bahubalindruni Ganga SERB-Early Career Research 2017/3yrs Self-contained Flexible Oxide Electronics for Smart Packaging
9 Dr. Sashidhar Sampathirao NISE Chennai 2019/3Yrs Design and Development of PMM for Roof-top Wind Turbine
10 Dr. Sharad Sinha Amazon Web Services (AWS) 2018/1yrs Amazon Educate Grant
11 Dr. Sharad Sinha DST-INRIA-CNRS 2019/3yrs Associate Team with INRIA, Rennes: IntelliVIS
12 Dr. Sharad Sinha / Dr. Clint George ACM-SIGAI, USA 2019/1 day Workshop on Artificial Intelligence for All
13 Prof. Sachin D. Kore, IIT Goa, India and Prof. Manell Zakaria , France GOAT Seminar Project on MARINE SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY funded by CEFIPRA 2019/1 week MARINE SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY
14 Prof. B K Mishra, Dr. Shakthi Prasad and Dr. Arindam Das Defense India Start-up Challenge (DISC-1) 2019/2yrs Desalination/Bilge-Oily water separation