भारतीय प्रौद्योगिकी संस्थान गोवा
Dr. Nandakumar Nambath (npnandakumar@iitgoa.ac.in)
Designation: Assistant Professor
Research Interests: High Speed Analog Circuits, VLSI for Communication, Adaptive Algorithms for Optical Communication Systems
Address: F2, Room No. 205, IT Building

Dr. Sanand Dilip Amita Athalye (sanand@iitgoa.ac.in)
Designation: Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Algebraic Riccati Equations and Inequalities, Applied linear algebra, Cyber physical Systems, Switched linear systems, Networked control
Address: F4, Room No. 205, IT Building

Dr. Sarang Pendharker (sarang@iitgoa.ac.in)
Designation: Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Microwave photonics; Optical super-resolution microscopy; Electromagnetic Wave Theory.
Address: F5, Room No. 205, IT Building

Visiting Faculty

Prof. B M Arora (bmarora@ee.iitb.ac.in)
Research Interests: Optoelectronic material and devices III-IV compound semiconductors solar cells
Address: Faculty Cabin, Electrical lab, Mechanical Department building

Prof. T S Rathore (tsrathore@ee.iitb.ac.in)
Research Interests: Analysis and Synthesis of Network, Electronic Circuit Design, Switched-Capacitor Filters, Electronic-Aided Instrumentation, Hartley Transform, Fault Diagnosis, Knowledge-Based Systems
Address: F4, Admin Block, Main Building

Prof. Virendra Sule (vrs@ee.iitb.ac.in)
Research Interests: Symmetric and public key Cryptography, elliptic curve based schemes, algebraic cryptanalysis of block and stream ciphers. Feedback compensation design for high bandwidth analog systems. Finite state systems and control of their behaviors. High performance computation in cryptology.
Address: Department of Electrical Engineering IIT Bombay, Powai, Mumbai 400 076