CH 107: Physical Chemistry

Course Code CH 107
Course Name Physical Chemistry
Lecture 3
Tutorial 1
Practical 0
Credit 4
Reference (1)P. Atkins and J. de Paula, Atkins? Physical Chemistry, Oxford University Press, 8th edition, 2006. (2)I. N. Levine, Physical Chemistry, 5th edition, Tata McGraw-Hill, New Delhi, 2002. (3)D. A. McQuarrie and J.D. Simon, Physical Chemistry - a molecular approach, Viva Books Pvt. Ltd. (1998).
Description Schrodinger equation,Origin of quantization, Born interpretation of wave function, Hydrogen atom: solution to ?-part, Atomic orbitals, many electron atoms and spin orbitals. Chemical bonding: MO theory: LCAO molecular orbitals, Structure, bonding and energy levels of diatomic molecules.Concept of sp, sp2and sp3hybridization; Bonding and shape of many atom molecules; IntermolecularForces; Potential energy surfaces-Rates of reactions; Steady state approximationand its applications; Concept of pre-equilibrium; Equilibrium and relatedthermodynamic quantities